The Board

Chairman – Jimmy Griffith

After 20 years of fishing Jimmy decided to leave the sea. Even though he did not know what to do next, he knew one thing and that was to be on land as time was ticking by. He ended up running his own business which is a small backpackers called Shortbread Cottage in Nelson, New Zealand.

Selling shortbread for 50 cents a piece, he and the board members had a crazy idea of setting up a trust with no admin fees. "At the time I had no idea when I  sold my first shortbread cookie that there would be a trust called The Shortbread Trust".

Treasurer – Robin Whalley

Robin is a specialist in charitable trust set up and governance. He has been in business both as a Mastered accountant and professional trustee over thirty years, and is actively involved on the board of a number of not for profit organisations. He has a strong belief in helping disadvantaged communities both in New Zealand and overseas.

Media – Paul Blackham

Paul has worked in and around financial markets for many years and brings a ‘big picture’ view and sound financial knowledge to the trust. Originally from the U.K, he moved to Nelson with his wife Sarah in 2003 and has helped raise their two young sons. He is a member of the local Urban Search and Rescue team and was deployed to Christchurch during the earthquakes. Having been married in Nepal he has a great affection for both the country and its people.

Secretary – Brigid Hindmarsh

Brigid has spent the last 5 years as a stay at home Mother to two girls. As a parent , along with her husband, Brigid is focused on bringing up her children to be thoughtful and responsible of their environment and community. It’s not what the world owes you but what you owe the world. As a teacher Brigid is keenly aware of the opportunity that an education can bring to a child’s life and the positive community spirit that is achieved through organisations such as school communities.