The $1 Magic

Finding one person to give you a million would be hard

Imagine if you had a million people giving you $1 a week.

Now imagine what you could do to help others. Imagen what change we could do.

The magic in that dollar would be huge to someone that had no home, food or Fresh water.

Join us, and help change the world to be better place by donating $1 a week by setting up a auto payment to The Shortbread Trust bank acc 03 1354 0301921 00

Where did the $1 Magic come from?


 When I think back to my trip in Nepal or look at these photos remember that woman breaking 3 bags of stone for a dollar a day and we gave her medicine which she was so grateful for. I asked myself two question which i will ask you now. 1 - what do you see in $1? and what does $1 mean to you? 

I wanted to something. I remember Mother Tressa quote: Don't wait for leaders. Do it alone person to person . So Icame back to New Zealand and I started to sell shortbread biscuits for 50 cents each at Shortbread Cottage Backpackers Nelson. Two bits of shortbread at 50 cents is equal to that woman wages for a day breaking stone and that how easy it was to help.

What do i see in $1 now, is a woman doing hard manual work for a day.

What does $1 mean to me now, Love Compassion and Hope to those that are in need.

The reason this works is there is NO admin, so 100% of your donation goes to the projects.