Get involved

Helping with is highly appreciated and fills our heart with joy, as much as yours and the children we help. Even the smallest contribution helps and makes a difference. Here are several way to get involved.

Buy/Sell Shortbread cookies

At the moment the shortbread is being made at Sweet As Café free of charge. So after cost of ingredients and packaging all the money goes to the trust. We have the shortbread for sale at the market for 50 cents a piece or you can buy the shortbread from Shortbread Cottage in Nelson. Sorry we don’t do postage at the moment but that will come in the future.

If you can help us out by selling the shortbread that would be amazing. We are looking for places with large amount of foot traffic and sell shortbread at a coffee cart.


There are two things that count. Time an Money. They are just as important as each other. So to have volunteers to help us out is just amazing. The great thing about this is you will meet other people and make new friends along the way and all sorts of opportunity can pop up. The Shortbread Trust needs volunteers. There are many different way to help out. Such as cooking sausages or making button crafts or help cook shortbread. The most important thing is you need to have fun in what you doing so the best way to help out is the way that suits you best. So if you have a idea on how to help out. We would love to hear from you. So email us on or contact us.

Offer you talent or ideas

Everybody got a talent or an idea. If you think your idea or talent can help us help other people. We would love to hear from you. So email us on or contact us.

Organise a fundraiser

As you can see. The Shortbread Trust is not relying on donations alone and we are being proactive in getting out there with different ideas to raise funds. We would appreciate any help with this as we can’t do it all. We are only a team of four at the moment.

Do your booking at Shortbread Cottage (Booking Agent)

The Shortbread Cottage is a booking agent just like the I – Site. So any actively you book with us. We receive 10% for making the booking from the company. So if you book a Kayak trip in the Able Tasman for $100 we receive $10 from the company so it no extra cost to you. Then we will donate that $10 to the Shortbread Trust.