Fresh water

Access to clean drinking water is essential for people to have a decent chance at life, and yet this commodity that we take for granted in New Zealand is a precious gift in many of the developing regions of the world.

Because of the lack of this most basic of human needs, The Shortbread Trust was keen to help fund the building of wells in those regions, and through an agreement with Restless Development Nepal we have managed to link up with a charity that has the local knowledge, experience and 'know how' to make it happen, and have constructed numerous tube wells in many locations around the country, the majority of which are situated in schools.

The tube well itself is a type of water well in which a long 100–200 mm (5 to 8 inch) wide stainless steel tube or pipe is bored into an underground aquifer. The lower end is fitted with a strainer, and a pump at the top lifts water for irrigation. The required depth of the well depends on the depth of the water table.

The Shortbread Trust is already funding the construction of a tube well in the Shree Prakash H.S. School in Prakashpur, in the Sunsari District of Eastern Nepal that will deliver clean drinking water to 1100 people.

A well can be installed for around US$1000 , and hopefully with your help we will be able to fund many more.

Fresh water woman
Collecting water
Fresh water