The Threeseater Adventure

We started riding on the 3rd December from Taupo to Wellington.

We set off from Taupo Information Centre heading along the water front along lake Taupo. The scenery was just great and was good to be on the bike and to start adventure. It was a weird sensation being on the back but after a few minutes I settle down and started to enjoy the view. Today we had Shirley on the bike who won the option from trade me. She was loving having two guys peddling hard for her up the hills. The great thing about being on the bike as you start to get to know the other riders. Shirley mention that she just finish treatment for breast cancer. So she just wants to get out there and enjoy life so when the threeseater came along she jumped at the idea.

Shirley with her family and friends

At the end of the day we cycle up the Turangi cycle way along the Tongariro River as Shirley said it would be fun. It was interesting getting the long bike around the tight corners. We ended up the Turangi Trout hatchery. Randal from the hatchery shows us around and explain how it all work and the fish that have been introduce that are harmful to our rivers and lake. I was most impress with hatchery. If you ever passing do take the time to stop as it worth seeing. You can even catch a trout in one of their pools. We stayed in Tongariro Rivers motel. The owner arranges Chinese takeaway night every second Monday with a few of the people from the Motel, so we were invited. It was fun night meeting different people from different walks of life

Day 2 is from Turangi to Taihape.

Today we had liz with us at the start. She came with us for 6ks before she depart as she didn’t want to go all way which I don’t blame her as it was 98k ride. When we set off the sun was out and Tongariro and Ruapehu were standing in there full glory. The scenery on the way down was great to take in. While a was taking in the scenery I heard a loud bang. Before the bang I was nice and relax next thing I knew my heart was flying out my mouth. We had just blown tube. It didn’t take to long to fix before we were on the road again. We stop off in Waiouru for a bit to eat before heading to Taihape.


Taking a couple of the locals for a ride 

Day 3

Taihape to Feilding.


In the morning of Taihape we meet the local paper as they wanted to do a story on us. At this time we had no one to for the third seat. Richard saw a few guys wearing orange jacket and he went straight up too them to asked if someone was keen to ride. As I was holding the bike Terry from the paper said these guiys were on PD. So I just sat back watch Richard as he was doing a great job and then there correction office came out and said right guys let go and they all walk off and Richard was a bit mystified from the hold ordeal and Terry and I were laughing away as Terry said we would be riding away from town with the police after us. We ended up getting Pam from the Taihape city council which made a great story.

On our way we stop off at Mangaweka to get a shot of the old DC 3 plane. After we did took some video we walk in to get an Ice cream. We went to pay for it and the lady said we could have it for free. Richard and I look at each other wondering why she was giving us the ice cream. She mentioned she heard about us and love the idea and enjoyed about hearing the three charities. We both humble by the free ice cream.

Day 4

Greg and his two sons

Selling Shortbread and collecting donation at fielding.

Feilding to Eketahuna

I was up early and had some spare time. So I grab the bike and some shortbread and shot off down town to sell the shortbread.

I had a great time selling the shortbread and rising donations for the three charities. At first I found it hard but the bike create a lot of interest and people were happy to buy the shortbread or make a donation. I even ended up talking to an older lady about making the shortbread and she was most impress with my shortbread when I told her I was commercial fishermen. Jenny won the option for the third seat for the day. We started off at their children school and gave their youngest son a ride around the school grounds and then Greg and their oldest son and I rode though Palmerston North. While riding along I heard Greg son say “don’t fart dad or it will go in my face” Greg and I laughed as kids state the obvious.

After stopping off at a coffee shop we headed towards Eketahuna. Greg work for Telecom and he told us how they were putting a lot of systems into place as they learnt a lot from Christ Church. They were turning empty warehouses into call centres in case this happen again. Also when we were biking we could see the wind mills farms. He told us the tip of the wind mill can move at speeds of 200km. Once they hit this speed a brake comes on, so it doesn’t blow itself to bits. Greg loved his day out and was jealous that he couldn’t come with us for the rest of the trip as he was into biking. The trip inspires him to take his family on the Otago rail trail. For Richard and I, it was good to see Greg and his family have a great day.

Greg and his boys


Day 5

Eketahuna to Featherston

We had no one for the third seat today quiet wet and windy. So we set off for Masterston.

The wind was behind us and we mad good time.

Richard and I decided to sell shortbread and asked for donation. After a hour we had sold 15bags of shortbread and had raised $126 out of donations. Once again the people were super friendly and supported. At 12 we meet Tessa from the local newspaper who did an article on about the trip. Then we headed of to Featherston for the night. We had a great dinner at Messines Restaurant . This place is a must if you go to featherston as the food was great and for the price it would be hard to beat. The walls were pasted with old LP albums of the 60 and 70s.

Day 6

Featherston to Wellington

I was excited about today as were riding over the Rimutaka rail trail. This is a 17km ride through 4 tunnels and bush. The bike went very well on the gravel roads and it was great to get off the main roads for a while. Towards the end we meet up Bonny and Jonathan Kennett who is quiet well known in the mountain bike world for writing about trails. They were great as they show us the way into town missing a great deal of the motorways so making it a lot safer travel. I must admit this was relief as coming into Wellington I wasn’t really looking forward to it due to traffic. We rode into Te Papa where we meet with Celia Wade’Brown who is the mayor of Wellington. The dominion post was ment to meet us as well but they didn’t turn up. Celia made a couple of calls and thay asked us to put something together for the post. After that we made our way to island bay where we stayed.

Day 7

Wellington to Picton.

Santa parade in Wellington.

Today was planned to be a rest day but Richard had a great idea about being in the Santa parade.

After a little slower start we headed off to the Sunday morning market. I was hoping to sell the rest of the Shortbread bags that I had left. After 3 and half hours I had sold all the bags of shortbread ( 35 bags ) and had been given $269.60 in Donation. The great thing is people had heard about us so it made it easier. While I was selling the bags of shortbread, the store owners from the pizza store gave me pizza and a person just walk up and gave me a cool can of juice which was much appreciated as it was a hot day. While I was doing this Richard was getting the bike ready for the Santa parade. We sold the third set on trade me. We meet Julie at the start of the santa parade. She was looking forward to it and we all had a great time looking at the different ones. I wasn’t to sure what to expect from the crowd but the response was great. After the Santa parade we gave Julie a ride home and then it was to the ferry to cross to Picton.