The $1 Magic


The $1 Magic 

Finding one person to give you a million would be hard

Imagine if you had a million people giving you $1 a month.

Now imagine what you could do with all that money to help others.

The magic in that dollar would be huge to someone that had no home, food or Fresh water.

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When we get million people donating $1 or more or month. The shortbread Trust can pay for 2666 water wells, 2666 framing projects & 2666 boxes. ShelterBox International goal is 50 000 boxes a year. The Shortbread Trust is excited that New Zealand can Donated 2666 ShelterBoxes which isover 5% of Shelterbox International. For a country of 4 million people. The Shortbread Trust knows it's a big goal but they also know a constant dripping will wear away a stone and with the support of others The Shortbread Trust believes they will make it their because it has just only been launch and people have already come on board.

Million people giving $1 = $1 000 000, So i need 1 in 4 people. Some people are giving a little bit more which is amazing. 


Where did the one magic dollar come from? When I think back to my trip in Nepal or look at these photos remember that woman breaking 3 bags of stone for a dollar a day and we gave her medicine which she was so grateful for. I wanted to something, So I started to sell shortbread biscuits for 50 cents each at Shortbread Cottage Backpackers Nelson to help. Raising $1500 for a ShelterBox as you can imagine takes a long time so that when we came up with the idea of the one dollar magic, as other people wanted to help as well.