Cycling For those in need

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Day 58


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Day 56

Friday 25 April
Location; Murchison
Distance; 0
Cycled time; 0

In the morning, Phil and Ali mentioned that it would be great if I was able to present a slide show of my trip and to also mention something about Shelterbox too – after all, I had now towed the Shelterbox behind my bike for 56 days! I duly spent the morning putting together a PowerPoint slide show and also prepared a speech for the dinner too.
During the day, I also gave Phil a hand to set up the restaurant for the evening, and Ali had everything under control for the dinner.
At 6.30pm the Murchison locals started to turn up and it was great meeting and talking with them.
The dinner was just amazing and it all went very well.
The exciting factor for me was to see how these great locals just loved the concept of the Shelterbox.  They were amazed at how practical it was, and it was a delight to see how these folk had all come together for a very enjoyable night.
It was an extra special evening because over $1700 was raised, and it was such a great (and surprise) way to finish off the trip.
Thank you again Phil and Ali, and to Murchison for all your support.  I’ll be in touch again when I can get the tracking details of the box which you have raised enough money to purchase and then you will be able to see where it is sent, and to which country you have helped.


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Day 51

Sunday 20 April
Fox – via Hokitika & Greymouth to Westport
Distance; On the bus
Cycled time; nil

Another day was just beginning, and I was now resolved to the fact that, after an unsuccessful attempt at hitch hiking in bad weather the day before, I would catch the bus from Fox to Greymouth. I was not happy about this, but was mindful that my scheduled itinerary was falling days behind, and by catching the bus, I would be able to make up some lost time. I was also feeling that my next big deadline was creeping up on me too – firstly, to be back in Nelson as planned on 27th April, but thereafter, I have fly out to Brisbane, Australia on 29th April as I have been selected to complete a 4 day Shelterbox Response Team Training Course.

But, right now and more importantly, I just needed to focus on being on the road again, and the sooner this could happen, the better.

After a phone call or two, I received some good news, as I had been able to track down a new bike axle from a bike shop in Greymouth, and with it now being Easter Sunday, they were going to be as so kind, as to leave the parts out for me to collect upon my arrival there. I was beginning to wonder, if I should have made a bulk order for axles, some 4-5 weeks earlier!!

Xxxxxxxxxxxx  Bus leaving.

As we travelled along, and from the bus windows, I noticed much of the damage that had been caused from the previous day’s high winds. Trees and power poles were down, buildings were without roofs, and I spotted a camper van blown not only over, but up and over a fence. It was not good…. how did this happen?

xxxxxxx Van blown off the road


The bus stopped in Hokitika for a quick break.

Xxxxxxxxx Hokitika

The bus journey continued north, and before long, we duly arrived in Greymouth. From the bus station, I headed off to the bike shop to pick up the new axle which had been left out for me to collect - I was getting excited!
I arrived at the bike shop to find the axle taped to the door, awesome, my plan was coming together.  I grab it, and then I realised that it wasn’t the right size. I quickly put it back again, and hurry back to the bus station, wondering what to do next? I decided that if I stayed in Greymouth, this was going to be of little help, (with it being a Public Holiday weekend too), so I decided to get on the bus again, and travel on to Westport.  At least, when I made it to Westport, I would have made up some lost time, be able to get my bike fixed, (I really needed a fitter and turner to take a look at the bike, and to make some adjustments) and I had somewhere to stay – with my mate Pete.

I finally arrived in Westport - it was great to see, and catch up, with Pete.
All in all, the day wrapped up ok in the end!

Xxxxxxxx Westport and


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Friday 4th April

Day 34   

Thursday 3rd April

Stewart Island to Bluff - Distance; 10km

Cycle time: 25 min

This morning I woke up to the most amazing bird song. It was just so quiet and peaceful, and there was not much traffic around either - it was great.  I took a wee walk around the village and sat down by th sea.  Before I knew it, the morning seemed to have got away on me - it wasn't hard!

Next I headed down to the local Four Square Store which was surprisingly wel priced and fully stocked too.  I spent a bit of time fund raising there, the activity in and around the store seemed pretty relaxed.  It was just nice chatting o a few of the locals about lifon the island.


I was due to catch an early morning ferry from the island and back to bluff tomorrw but I decided there was litteto gain from staying anothr night so I packed up and headed back to the manland durng the afternoon.  I really enjoyed Stewart island and look forward to looking for kiwis and visiting again sometime!


Southland is renowned for great fish and chips so I thought I need to try them - you do in Rome as the Romans do!  With fish and chips in tow I made my way down to the beach and took in the see views, I too can now vouch for great southland fish and chips - yum!  I enjoyed a little chill time, the sun was shining but I noticed about 1km away the fog was so thick in and around the harbour that the visibility in that direction was limited.  The weather can be so changeable and fickle at times.


Next I made my way to the campground and set up camp - another night in my wee tent.


Day 33   

Wednesday 2nd April

Invercargill to Stewart Island – Distance; 53.05ks

Cycled time: 3 hours 23 minutes

My day was looking perfect - the sun was out and once again, there was no wind - I could not believe my luck. I was feeling happy as I was heading for Stewart Island on such a glorious day, and what’s more, I knew the sea would be calm. And, as for the forecast, it was looking great too, and for the next couple of days.

Before departing from the Central City Campground in Invercargill, which had been home for the previous 3 nights, I caught up with Doug and thanked him for the support he had given me. The Central City Campground was well equipped and very clean. I highly recommed.

The ride down to Bluff didn’t take too long so I rode on, and to the end of Highway One – and just to take a photo!

The ferry crossing was great too. Coming into Oban was as flat as a pancake – so picturesque.


I rode up to Lee Bay which is the start of the North West Circuit Track.

The stylized anchor chain symbolizes a history of inter-relationships that have given the peoples of Stewart Island, a strong sense of heritage and identity. It reminds us of the spiritual and physical link between Stewart Island and Bluff.


The local bush telegraph telephone.


I arrived at the local backpackers but alas, I had a night in my tent.

Around sunset, I took a ride around the area and was on the look out for a kiwi or two. Needless to say, I wasn’t in luck but it is a known fact, that the kiwi population on Stewart Island is now around 20 000. But I still didn’t see one.


Day 32

Tuesday 1st April

Invercargill - Rest day - Distance 9.97ks

Cycled time; 36mins

It was great to have another rest day in Invercargill, a bit more time to give my body a well-earned rest, a chance to catch up on a few domestic chores, and do more of what I am about – raising awareness, raising funds and networking.

One of the first things I needed to look into, was the ferries to Stewart Island, and to evaluate the weather over the coming few days. It was good news as there was a high pressure coming across the South Island so the weather couldn’t have been forecasted for anything better than that. Another consideration was the cost of the ferry; return $150.00 – a little pricey I thought, but I knew it was going to be worth it, as I think Stewart Island is one of the best places to visit. In the meantime, I decided to email Real Journeys, and asked if they would like to help me out. They were interested in what I was doing and very kindly donated the return ferry ticket to me. This was another example of how generous people have been – it’ just amazing. Thanks Real Journeys.

Next I had an interview, and met up with Monica, who writes for I Luv Invers – a magazine showcasing stories of the Southland Region. When I met up with her, I noticed that she was wearing a Sea Shepherd shirt – it looked familiar. It is the name of the boat that goes out, to stop whaling. As it turned out, she was more than happy today, because from this day forth, Japan is officially no longer allowed to whale in our Southern Ocean. A very good result.

After meeting with Monica, I headed off to the City Council Offices for my appointment with Tim Shadbolt (The Mayor). I was standing in the foyer, when I received a call from Rachel (Tim’s P.A). She said “We are very sorry but Tim has been called away”. “Not to worry”, I said as I knew it was a long shot. But all was not lost as she said that she would get Tim to contact me when he was next in Nelson. I said that would be great, so let’s see what happens, but I’m not holding my breath.

With an unexpected bit of time on my hands, I headed off to New World for a bit of fundraising. Sadly, I didn’t have a space pre-booked so I missed out, but feeling charitable, I noticed a young guy, standing there with a notice, and he really had little idea of what he was doing. I asked him “What are you up to?” He was fundraising for his trip to France as an exchange student. I mentioned to him that you can’t sell a secret, so I ‘gave him a helping hand’. He had 100 raffle tickets to sell and it didn’t look like he’d sold too many so far. I started asking people if they would like to help William and before too long, we were busy selling tickets. He realized the importance of engaging with the people, and I said not to worry if people say ‘no’, the most important thing is that you need to have fun. When I reflected on this situation, I realized what a long way I had come, since my own beginnings.


I made my way back to the camp site to enjoy a final night of rest in my cabin. I had an early start the next morning so got organized and packed ready to go that evening. Invercargill went well.



Day 31

Monday 31 March

Invercargill - Rest day –Distance; 6.27ks

Cycled Time; 26mins

After 10 continuous days on the road, it was such a good feeling, knowing that today would be a day of rest. I didn’t need to rush about packing up or hitting the road, but I would have time to catch up on phone calls, emails, networking etc.

First up, I received a call from a Nelson radio station. I had a good chat with them. It was interesting, and now I wait to see what comes of that. I will post the link, once I receive it.

I made another visit to Westpac Bank, and was surprised to deposit $257.00 - money which I had raised over the previous few days. It is great to see the balance growing – now up at $2422.5, and there are online donations coming in as well. Each day, I inch closer to my goal of $4100. Thank you to you all.

One of my phone calls was to catch up with Mike from ShelterBox. It is always great to receive feedback, and it is even nicer to hear that Mike had received many reports via the Shelterbox network, about my trip so far. My trip is not only about raising funds, but to generate a greater awareness about The Shortbread Trust and Shelterbox, and to ensure that my journey is making a difference. It’s awesome to receive the feedback, thanks Mike.

Next, I visited the local City Council, and managed to make an appointment to visit with Tim Shadbolt tomorrow – it will be a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to it.

Before the day was done, there was time for some more fundraising.

First I tried Countdown but that wasn’t to be, so I headed back to the local PaknSave who had kindly allowed me to fundraise at their store the previous day.

The Manager and Assistant Manager were very helpful and without a prior ‘booking’, they allowed me to fundraise at their store once again. It was a very busy store too – well done guys, and thanks for having me!

I felt happy having had a very productive day and enjoyed a relaxed evening back at the camp ground, and in my cabin.


Day 30

Sunday 30 March

Curio Bay to Invercargill – Distance 79.89ks

Cycled Time; 4hrs 26mins

What a lovely morning at Curio Bay - clear skies, the sun was shining and the beach looked great.


I was on the road early, and there was NO wind, (yay!) as I was hoping to reach Invercargill by 3.00 in the afternoon. I was keen for a bit of fundraising again, as it had been a bit slow at times, and over the previous few days.

There was a challenge ahead - 13ks of gravel road. I thought it would be ok but they had just re-graveled it, so it was not as easy as I had hoped.


I came across a homemade giant pukeko……


Later, I stopped at a café to take a break for a while. While I was there, a tourist asked me if I had seen any good sights on my journey so far. My answer was simple, I said, ‘what about that shag, sitting on that old tree at the beach’ – I pointed. It was right outside the café’s front door!

Every day is full of surprises - whom I meet, and the sights I see - it’s ALL good.

(Like me!)


I duly made it in good time to Invercargill, and headed to PaknSave for some fundraising. I was there for 3 hours and it went really well.

Two lovely people came up to me and donated a chocolate bar to keep me going. It was very nice touch and well received! This hadn’t happened before.

I later made my way to the central camp ground. Doug kindly gave me a cabin – and it was for just me! I felt like a King with all this space, and comfort.

With a couple of rest days ahead, I was looking forward to a great night’s sleep.


Day 29

Saturday 29 March

Owaka to Curio Bay – Distance 71.39ks

Cycled Time; 4hrs 27mins

This morning started out a little over cast, and with a slight drizzle, but the great thing was – there was NO wind, so I did not want to delay my start to the day, in fear that the winds may get up again! The Catlins is well known for wind – the trees are affected by this too.

I had a bigger than usual ride ahead, but having had an earlier than usual start, there was time to enjoy the ride. It was very pleasant cycling - through the surrounding farmland, and being near to the sea and estuary too.

I soon found myself in reserves and bush. It was just great to hear the sounds of the birds in song – particularly the tui’s and bellbird’s.

At the Florence look out, where I had stopped for something to eat, a bus arrived with a tour group. They were a retired group from the North Island and we soon began chatting. I explained about the Shelterbox and before I knew it, they began donating. Again, I was amazed.



Next, I came across the Lost Gypsy Galley at Papatowai. This was a very cool place to check out. It had lots of hand created and fun stuff, made out of all sorts of things. The artist here is very creative indeed, and I enjoyed a great coffee too.


Along the way, I came across the Whistling Frog. He was pretty cute.



FinalIy, I made it to Curio Bay.

Hamish, the camp manger, was very helpful and kindly offered me a free pitch for the night. He also generously gave me a donation, so it was a great way to end an amazing day. Thank you Hamish.


Day 28

Friday 28 March

Balclutha to Owaka – Distance; 51.46ks

Cycled Time: 2hrs 53mins

My day got off to a great start - first stop was a visit to the local Westpac Bank.

It was the first opportunity I’d had for a number of days to be able to bank the money I had collected on my travels. I was surprised, and excited to deposit $523.40. With this added to the previous balance, the new total is now $2165.00.

In addition to this, there is a further $500.00 from internet online donations.

Many thanks to everyone who has donated and supported my journey so far – every little helps.

Heading further south today, it was another sunny day and more importantly, there is was no wind, so I made good time. The roads took me through green rolling and hilly farm land – a contrast to my previous days.

E>nroute south, I decided to take a detour to Kaka Point to see friends, Tui and Ted.

I had not realized that it would be an extra 9ks each way to see them, but what is an extra 18ks to see friends, when I’m cycling over 3000 ks anyway! It was a great catch up, and as I rode away, I thought to myself, I don’t know when I will be back down this way to see them again? I was glad to have made the effort, and as for the detour, it was worth it.

Next, I arrived at Owaka. As luck would have it, the pesky winds had caught up with me again so I decided to stop and spend the night here, as I had fewer kilometres scheduled for the following day.

I met Graham – he had teapots galore - 802 of them actually, and a very cute dog too.

He told me that during the colder winter months, he has to take many of the ‘porcelain’ teapots inside to avoid them breaking. I asked him, if he had had problems with vandalism, he said ‘no’. But there was a time, when a few local lads had tried to rearrange them. The local policeman was onto it, and they were caught. The lads were made to apologize, and since then, they have helped out, and they too, now keep an eye out for trouble, and keep things right for Graham.

My overnight stay in Owaka was at the YHA, which was a large and unique character house which had previously been an old hospital. It was a very cool hostel, with many common rooms to relax in. Nigel, the manager, very kindly offered me a free night’s accommodation, and as it turned out, we had much in common. He too is a keen guy that enjoys cycle touring, is from England, and was more than familiar with my Shelterbox. Back in England, he had loaded Shelterboxes onto planes, ready for deployment to places, in times of natural disasters.

Nigel and I caught up later that night for a good chat over a beer – thanks Nigel.



Day 27

Thursday 27 March

Lawrence to Balclutha - Distance; 50 kms

Cycled Time; 3hrs 57mins

It was a nice sunny start to the day and I enjoyed a quick look around Lawrence, before moving on. It was like walking back in time and it had some fun old buildings.

Unfortunately, as the day went on, the dreaded wind came up again and it ended up being a pretty tough day. The ride from Milton to Balclutha was only 22ks, which should have taken me around 1hr 15mins, but due to the high winds, it took double the time. Not good.

When I finally made it to Balclutha, I was looking forward to spending a bit of time ‘fundraising’ as I hadn’t seen too many people along the Trails over the previous few days. I headed for Balclutha’s New World but the winds were just so strong, it was miserable and disappointing. I decided to call it a day, and made my way to the local camp ground for a little warmth and shelter for the night.


Day 26

Wednesday 26th March

Roxburgh to Lawrence – Distance 69.09 km

Cycled Time; 4 hrs 17 mins

What a cold morning - I woke and looked outside to see a very heavy frost – brrrrrh!

>After a slow start out of the campsite, and a coffee, I was on the road again.

I followed the Clutha Gold Trail which opened fairly recently – October 2013. What an amazing track - the surface was great and even towing the trailer too. The trail ran beside the river and on a nice hot day, it would be a great place to stop for a swim! Needless to say, I didn’t stop! The ride weaved between, and under trees, and with all the autumn colours coming out, it was beautiful. I think that I’ve enjoyed this trail, and found it more interesting, than the Otago Rail Trail.


At Miller Flat, I met Linda and Kay. They were interested in my ShelterBox and suggested that they could raise enough money for a ShelterBox – what an awesome challenge. Go Linda and Kay.

I would love to get some of my Shortbread Trust shortbread down here in the south, and it would help Linda and Kay get their fundraising started. If anyone is travelling from Nelson and down this way, please let me know, and I will make arrangements for the delivery. Every little helps…...

Enroute to Lawrence, and having just come out of Big Hill Tunnel, I bump into Rod, the Chairman of the Clutha Gold Trail. What a coincidence. He was pleased to hear how much I was enjoying the Trail. He was equally happy and shared his News, the local City Council had just put in a toilet for them - $12000 worth. >(It’s seen behind him.) Rod was already aware of ShelterBox and made a donation - cheers mate.

I can recommend the campground in Lawrence – it was a good place to stay.


Day 25

Tuesday 25th March

Clyde to Roxburgh – Distance 51.56ks

Cycling Time; 3hrs 41mins

A rather interesting start to the day - I woke to find that it was pouring with rain and high winds. But there was hope, as Lesleyann (my overnight host) said that it would soon pass. I certainly wasn’t looking forward to such a miserable start but sure enough, by 10am, the rain had stopped. Sadly, the wind hadn’t.

Never-the-less, after saying thank you’s and good byes to Lindsay and Lesleyann, I was on my way again.


It wasn’t long before I had to stop and put on a second jacket as the bitterly cold south winds were getting the better of me, and the odd shower passed through too. There was plenty of fresh snow up on the tops of the hills - no wonder it was cold!! Along the way, to shelter from the wind and take a break, I stopped off at a café, and can you believe it, it was closed! I noticed how hard the flag was blowing and thought, if this was a tail wind, man I would be flying! Wind is a cyclist’s friend, or enemy, and today it was not my friend.

Oh, for autumn - the leaves are starting to change colour – it looked amazing.

I duly made it into Roxburgh - slightly cold and hungry.

R>oxburgh is home of the famous ‘Jimmy’s pies’ so I thought, why not try one! The pie was good, but I must admit, when you are cold and hungry from cycling and having battled the elements, anything would have been good!

I stayed the night at the Clutha Gold Cottages. Christine was a great host and the campground was awesome as well.


Day 24

Monday 24th March

Oturehua to Clyde – Distance 62.16ks

Cycling Time; 3hrs 21mins

Today was the last day cycling on the Otago Rail Trail, and I had hoped to make an early start as the weather report was not looking good. I had a 60 odd kilometre ride ahead before I would reach Clyde, where I was giving a speech at their local Rotary Club, that evening.

The cycling was great - downhill runs, and there were some cool old bridges too.

Going through the longer tunnels (without lights) was interesting! I had to let my eyes adjust to the darkness, and then I was ok.

As it turned out, and after taking a shortcut to Clyde, I made good time and met Lindsay as arranged later in the afternoon. The speech at the Rotary Club went well. Cromwell is a nice little town and Lindsay gave me a great history lesson about the dam, and how the tunnels through the mountain have been installed to pump out excess water, to stop landslides.

Cromwell in the evening.



Day 23

Sunday 23 March

Ranfurly to Oturehua - Distance 25.84ks

Cycling Time; 1hr 30mins

I was thinking of getting up early and heading all the way to Alexandra to do some fundraising which would allow me to be ahead of schedule and have a rest day tomorrow, but I decided against it, as there was little to gain, with it being Sunday. The supermarket, where I often park up to fundraise, wouldn’t be so busy, and on Monday, it’s Otago Day – a Public Holiday.

So I enjoyed a more relaxed start to the day, and while having coffee at a café, a guy came up to me and asked what I was up to? I showed him the trailer and once he noticed it was a ShelterBox, he knew all about it. He asked me how it was going. I said ‘give me a hill any day and I’ll chip away at it, but asking for donations, is a bit of a struggle, as I know people are regularly asked to give’. He took my bucket, and began asking everyone to donate for me. I asked, ‘Do you want to come with me?’, he just smiled.

Before departing from Ranfurly, I took a look around. The local ‘I-Site’ is a great building and a great spot to stop for lunch as well.


Soon, it was time to be on my way towards Oturehua. On the way, I stopped at Wedderburn. While I was there, topping up my water, I was approached and asked once again about the ShelterBox. This guy said he’d heard about it somewhere, but couldn’t put a finger on it, and then his partner said ‘Were you in the Oamaru Times?’ I answered ‘Yes I was.’ They kindly gave me donation and said to stop in, on my way to Roxburgh, to join them for a coffee.

I’ve now arrived in Oturehua. I’ve stopped for the night at the Crow Nest Backpackers which is very cool place. This is the evening and i had a little friend as well.


Day 22

Saturday 22 March

Middlemarch to Ranfurly - Distance - 59.66ks

Time cycled; 3hrs 12mins

It was a slow start to the day as there was a lot of dense fog about - as you can see from the photo below. This is where I stayed for the night in Middlemarch, at the local campground.

I headed down to a local café as I waited for the fog to lift, and while waiting, I thought I would catch up on my blog. Not expecting too much fund raising in this area, the cafe owner asked me what I was up to. I gave her a flyer and to my surprise, she gave me a very generous donation. I have to admit, it was a very cute café and full of great people inside.

As I head out of Middlemarch, I bump into Barne’s. He offers to start a donation jar at his Bar. It was such a nice surprise as it just goes to show, that when you least expect things to happen, they still do.

After the fog had lifted, it was a very nice day, but it took me some time to get onto the track. The ride was going well. The trail was smooth and it wasn’t too bumpy so I was making good time which was great. I had been worried about putting the trailer under too much stress.

Here a few photos of the trail …..


I duly arrived in Ranfurly. Barry, from the local hotel, offered me a free bed for the night, and the dinner there was great too. Thank you Barry


Day 21 21/03/14

Friday 21 March

Dunedin to Middlemarch – Distance 90.37ks

Cycled time – 6hrs 33mins

My day got off to a later than expected start as I was waiting for a bike part, (rear axle) so that I would have a spare onboard if needed, for the rest of the trip.

As I headed out of Dunedin - it was straight up hill. Soon I hit the Fraser Track - a walking track, but so steep in places, that I had to push the bike! I could really feel the weight in the box now and only glad that I didn’t come across steps!!

Next, I came across a gravel road which led into another walking track. It wasn’t the steepness that was the problem, but deep ruts covered with big stones. It was no worries for the bike, but I had a few concerns about towing the trailer.

I soon became aware that I had taken the hardest route to Mosgiel …. it was a lot of fun!

I then met up with Graham, who was one of the Founders of ShelterBox in New Zealand. He loved what I was up to and was very happy to join and support the $1 Magic. He was very impressed with my concept - such a simple idea. Donate just $1 or $2 a month, (via automatic payment) and what a great outcome that lies ahead.

The day was getting away on me, and I knew that I was running behind schedule so I couldn’t stay too long with Graham. I also knew that I had a long ride and some big hills ahead.

I duly arrived in Middlemarch quite late. I headed for the local campground but the owner was nowhere to be found. I helped myself to a quick shower and headed to the local pub where I was sure I would find the campground owner – but to no avail. I came across Adrian, who was kind enough to let me stay overnight in the TV room. I was saved from camping!


Day 20

Thursday 20 March

Dunedin – Rest day ->Distance 17.9ks

Cycled time - 1hr 4mins

It was another rest day and the weather was great.

I was thinking it would be great to be back on the road, but I knew having another day off was important. My legs were feeling much better having had the rest, but they still had a slight numbness about them.

My bike was due for a routine check over, but the bike mechanics were away yesterday, so today was the day. It turned out that the rotor for the back brakes were cooked – it was no surprise as I’d worked the brakes hard on all the down hills, so they were replaced. Thanks again R&R and Jeremy for the help and giving some great ideas for the future travels by bike

Later in the day, I had time for a little more fundraising – every little helps.


Day 19


A big thanks to Sarah for letting me stay a few night while I rest up. Sarah has been great. Last night we pop out to her local bar for a drink and a chat. It was really nice to get out and do something local.

We were at the inch bar which is a very cool little bar.

I went into R&R sport to say hi and to pick up some gear. While I was there I realise I had a crack in the trailer. I was grateful to find it now but I am hoping it will last the trip.

Thanks to Paul for wielding it up.

Meet up with Dee and Henry who are from Dunedin TV so that was fun and I love the old building behind us

It was nice to have time off the bike and have a bit of a look around and meet a few of the locals before I did the fundraising. The teeth are because there is a dentist school and meant to be the mouth of the harbour but that at the other end :)


Day 18 18/03/14


I meet up with Bill Campbell for the local paper at Palmerston before Dunedin. Bill turn up on a bike so straight away we got on.

Thanks for your help Bill

It wasn’t a long ride to Dunedin but Bill mention there a couple good hill in the way. The weather was great so I just set off.

It’s just a lot of farm land, along the way. Great to be on the bike and just take it all it all in. I came across Graham and he kindly took the flyers and happy to spread the word. Thanks mate.

My last descent into Dunedin and I’m overlooking Port Chalmers. Great descent on the bike, but have to admit I don’t really enjoy them so I keep the speed down. I notice the trailer learning to one side on the way down.


Day 17       17/03/14


The sun was out and I was given a very nice breakfast. After having a chat and helping out with the dishes I managed to get away a little late but it was so nice not to rush.

I made my way down and I bump into a lady who was working at the supermarket. She mentioned how they saw me wet and cold and how you weren’t asking for a lot. The manager mentions that she would like to do something for The Shortbread Trust. I was so happy to hear that, she asked how the $1 magic was going?

Only a few people had sign up for the $1 magic. I must admit I was a bit down as a lot of people had said I will support this as it only a $1 but they haven’t follow though. Never mind I said as they might still join and Rome wasn’t built in a day and tomorrow a new day. I mention this to here and how much I appreciated her telling me, as it was nice to hear.



I asked the pilot if he was here for coffee. He smile and said yes he was going to grab one but he was here for a transfer.

We started talking and I mention we had the rescuer helicopter come out to the fishing boat. I asked him if he was involved in going to the Auckland Islands (way below Stuart Island). He was.

He mention they have to take out all the weight put on extra fuel tanks a fuel bladder in the back as well and the took out some of the seats as well. They can refuel at the Auckland Islands. He doesn’t like the trips as it takes over 10hrs and the weather is pretty unpredictable and can pretty rough down there which I agreed on, because I’ve been working down there in the southern ocean on a 65m fishing vessel and there were times we went over a wave and the prop was caveating. For this to happen it is a very large wave.

I meet up with the local paper and had a quick chat. Just as I was about to leave I said hi to the couple of ladies and pass them one of the flyers. One of the ladies asked if it was me that was on the radio. I said yes. She was surprise to have meet me because she though what were the chances. So she was excited to put a face to the voice and asked me more question and to hear more of the story and she was most supportive which was really nice to hear.

I was on my way to the cheese factory, when I came across Steam punk. Which was very cool.


The Whitestone cheese Factory. Just to try some cheese and they were great.


I was leaving it a bit late from Oamaru as I was having a fun time there.

I made it time to Palmerton before the rain but it was a bit late though.

A church in Oamaru

Day 16 16/03/14


I woke up and it was raining quiet hard. Sue offer me to stay another night which was very kind of her and very tempting. Since I am on a plan trip I need to go and at the end of the day it only water and it from the north so it is warm and a tale wind if it was coming from the other way I probably would of stayed. So of I went.

It was a 90ks and I was wet though. I needed to carry on fundraising as I need to catch up and if I don’t make the most of it I will get behind on the west coast as they are longer distances and not as many towns.

I was wet though and because I was undercover in countdown I thought I would be ok. I said to myself I’ll do 1 and half hours. Half way though I lost the feeling in my hands. I thought this is strange but knew it wasn’t a good sign but I wasn’t going to quit. So I keep on going and then I started to shake. Again I thought to myself jimmy come on you been in worse while working at sea, but the problem was I wasn’t moving and then I thought about the poor people in Syria as the are freezing most of the time so once again I didn’t quit.

Time up and it was time to go. As soon as I got moving I was starting to come right. I saw a B&B straight ahead and I thought I would go and ask as I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

As I knock on the door. I was greeted by a smile and they said they had seen me on the road riding to Oamaru and they said come on in by the fire. I said no for two reasons one I wet though and I don’t want to make a mess and secondly how much is it as I might not be able to stay. The price was to high and started to leave then she said another price which was amazing. I was taken to my room and I was so blown away with the old house. It was like walking back in time. The house was built in the 1900s.

The room had an old claw foot bath which was so good!!

After that I made my way down and had something to eat and I decided to watch a movie and have a break from blogs and websites but that didn’t last long as I was back into it when I got back as it so good to stay on top of things.


Day 15 15/03/14


It was a nice morning so I made way down to the markets. There are a few markets but one of them had music playing so I head for that one. The response was great and I pull up alongside Rebecca who has Good Life essentials. She even gave me some natural under arm deodorant, maybe she was suggesting something.

Again I bump into more friends Marylyn and Richard. I seem to be bumping into more friends on the road than at home which is great.

I had a short ride to Timaru. Once I arrive I may my way to countdown to fundraise.

After that I made my way to Sue place. She was just great as she welcome me with open arms and since she host cyclist she knew what we need which is just a warmshower and time to get yourself together, Sue made amazing dinner and we had a great chat and she help me with a couple of thing that I needed done on the internet. Thanks Sue you were great.


Day 1414/03/14


I was on the corner hitching again. It took about two hours before Ron pick me up. We headed to Methven as that where he was going and I heard that there might not be a bike shop in Geraldine and there was one in Methven and to make it easier that where Ron was heading. So off I went

He drop me off at big Als and Richie had the back axle fix in a short time.


Before I headed out of town. I bump into the guys that were driving tractors around the country, for child cancer. It was great hearing their stories. They had been around the USA and Australia doing the same thing. Good on you guys.

On the way to Geraldine I came across this stream engine. What a beauty and the guys were great as they show me around.


I may camp at the local camp ground in Geraldine which is very nice.


Day 13 13/03/14


After saying good bye to Julie and Ian it was time to catch up on emails.

The weather was fine and to top it off it was birthday. I’m not keen on telling people but the calls started coming in and it was on Facebook so the word was out.

I was going to go back to the New World but decided to go to where the containers mall is. It took a wee while to get there as some of the roads are close. Once I arrive, I set up and the response was good as I was a little worried on how Christchurch would receive The Shortbread Trust. On the whole it was great response. Even the press turn up to take photos. Awesome as I try a few times to get hold of them.

I headed on out of town and was happy to be on the road until the trailer broke. It was a matter of seconds before I realize I had no way of putting it back together so I started to hitch and it wasn’t long before Nick pick me up and took me to Johnny who wielded it together. Thanks guys as I didn’t lose much time so I had plenty of time to carry on.

I said to Johnny he is most welcome to put a sticker on the box. While he was doing that I drop my new glasses and chip my new glasses great now it starting to turn into a bad day and I was just looking forward to easy day and doing something nice for my Birthday. I said to Johnny that was two I wonder what will be 3. I had a feeling something was going to happen.

About 1 hour down the road my back axle just broke. I couldn’t believe it. Along with a few more words. Well that not going to fix’s the problem so I knew I had to hitch again as I didn’t have a spare. I was starting to feel bad as I felt like I was cheating. Do I head back to Christchurch or head south? I started to head south as I’m on a time frame. Then Darcy came along and gave me a ride to a camp site. Hard case as I meet Josh who is a friend of mine from Nelson so it was nice to have someone to share my birthday with.



Day 12 12/03/14


I went down and pick up my bike from R&R sport. The guys were great. The gave my bike a check over and we put a new type on the back as the old one we could see the canvas on it. Lucky to get there.


Then I meet Jason from the Volunteer army. He was great had a lot of great suggestion as he fresh eyes and came from a different angle.

He like the way the shortbread trust had chosen three great charity to work with.

After that I made my way to the new world to collect some funds and get awareness out there.


Day 11 11/03/14


I had to drop my bike off at R&R sport today as the lower bracket needed replacing and a check over.

After that I went to the local radio stations and even try to check out Campbell live as he has an office down here. Didn’t have much luck with either of them on the spot but I have email them and are hoping something will happen tomorrow with the radio stations.

We made contract with the press here as well. I had a call back and I am hoping to meet up with a reporter tomorrow.

I was hoping to get down to the local supermarket and stand out front but the day disappear and the bike wasn’t really so I gave it a miss and decided to go the beach for a quick walk and just have some time out as it been a busy day trying get around town.

While I was down at the beach, we came across Christian who ran home to get a towel so he could pick up the bird as it was sick and he was taking it to a lady who takes care of them. Good on you Christian, it was great to meet you while you out there doing great stuff.


Day 10 10/03/14


I was up early and packed up and I thought today going to be a good day since I had a early start.

My plan was to update the blog so I needed to find wifi and do the banking and then get out and start giving out hand outs about the trust.

I rode to a couple of café no wifi at either of them. They said the library has wifi but you need to wait until 9.

Once the library open I had problems with my laptop and I was block out as I was different location. By the time I had the blog and banking done it was past lunch time so the day was slipping by some much for being ahead now I’m behind.

So I headed to Christchurch dreading this part of the journey due to busy roads and not really knowing where I was going. I had just bought a smart phone, so I put the GPS on and I programmed it into bike mode. I was so amazed as it took me down back roads and onto cycle trails to my destination. I must admit I wasn’t comfortable relying on this but there was no way I could have done a better job.

It wasn’t a long day on the bike but it was so nice arriving at Julie and Ian’s home. Julie and Claire greeted me at the letterbox and there it was a fantastic sign, made by Claire‘s son Chris, saying “Welcome to Christchurch Jimmy”. It was a very cool and unexpected welcome and a great evening was had. Thanks guys.

I rang Jason who started up the student army and we are having a meeting on Wednesday to have a catch up. So I am looking forward to this.


Day 909/03/14



A big thanks to Doug and Megan for letting me stay a bit longer and using the wifi.

I decide to go and see Bernadette to say thank you for pointing me in the right direction for a place to stay. The Cheviot Motel was great place. I would not hesitate staying there again.

Bernadette asked me to take a look at her bike as the front type was rubbing. I had a quick look. OMG the front type was undone so she was so lucky she didn’t have an accident. She said I should give you something. I said no, as I was happy to help, next thing she was showing me a few ways how to used my smart phone, There you go I was paid already.

Finally (after 12) I was on my way. I decided to go and spend an hour talking to people to raise awareness, also I need to keep on getting donations as I won’t reach my target for the trip.

I just set up and was talking to my first person who. She asked me if I was sponsor by R&R sport I said yes and with their help has help make this trip happen. Cool she said as her son is sponsor as well and she would be happy to help.

I turn around and there were four mates walking down yelling abuse to me. (They had just done the Nelson to Christ Church race. It a 450ks bike race and it done in 15hrs or so.) I just laugh. They asked me if I was going to come in. I thought I really need to keep handing out

flyers then I thought stuff it as it was great to see them. I handed a few flyers to the people next to use and the next thing they came over and put a donation in the bucket in front of Bruce, Trevor and Vern and we just look at each other as we were all surprise.

It was really good to see them, and it was great to catch up.

It was getting late and I knew I had to get on with it so I head on off.

10ks down the road I stop at Domett to drop of some flyers as it was a cute building. When I asked if it was ok to drop some off he asked if I wanted a coffee. It was cold outside so the thought of a nice warm coffee was just great, so I said yes.. Then I thought Jimmy you idiot you are late already. Who cares? Thanks for the great coffee.

Finally I arrive at Amberley. I was a bit cold and wet from the ride but feeling good. As you arrive into town where you are stopping. Ypu start thinking about where you want to stay. I saw the Amberly Hotel. I thought why not go and asked if he would mind putting me up. I explain to Gavin what I was up to and if he could help me out. He said do you want a donation. I said no, I really need a place to stay as that helps me out. I was hoping he would say yes as the fire was going and the meals look great. Gavin said no problem bring your bike in here.

What a relief. Somewhere to stay that is warm, along with a great warm shower. I had the roast of the day and they gave me some extra potato’s as well. It tasted so good.!!!!


Cheers Gavin






Day8 08/03/14


Well another great day.

Said good bye to Dwayne and Mitchell who were great.

On the way I stop off at the town hall as the race God zone race starts today. Which is a 5 to 7 day race. I have a few friends in it Mark, Dan and Nathan. It was great seeing them and catching up.

While I was there I met the girls from redbull and they were very cool and taught me a couple of ticks on my smart phone. They offer me redbull but I said no as I don’t want the weight

I also meet Winston who is the mare of Kaikoura and we had a great chat about cycling for the communities and how important it is for the town. He was talking about you could ride from Nelson to Kaikoura by bike. Awesome

So I started off to Cheviot.

I meet a guy Robbie while I was out and about. He asked me how was I getting on with the trucks. I said no problem why that. He mention if you go and talk to one and tell him what you up too he would put the word out they will help you out if you need it.

Great idea, so I did mention to a driver and he like what we are up too and said he would be more than happy word out to help and also he would pass the flyer onto the wife and see if they can help out.

Shortly afterwards I had truckies waving and tooting. It was such a nice feeling as I didn’t feel alone any more and it was like big brother and sister watching out for me.


Shortly down the road these guys pull over and were waving and cheering. So I pull over to say hi. They are from Cromwell where ShelterBox is from, So they all about it so the were surprise and delighted to see one. They gave me a bar of chocolate and a nice donation. Man, I wish it was that easy all the time haha

It was a great ride weather good. Nice views and the strange thing happen people wanted to take there photo with me at a rest area. They weren’t Japanese either.

So photos of the day


Day 7 07/03/14


Well I have a day off which I’m glad as yesterday and the wind before was taking it toll. So it was good to get out and catch up a bit with blogs and the day was just great.


I stop of at the Cray pot and I just sat out side with the bike stand up and starting writing it was cool as people look at the box and we collected a few donation.

Clair at the Cray pot said she would put a donation box on her counter for The Shortbread Trust. They are the second people that have offer along with my Baber. This is just amazing as it ticks away in the background and it does add up.

Emma from the local paper came down and interview me as well.

I spent most of the catching up and fund raising, Which went very well.

I read a comment Loving people live in a loving world and hostel people live in a hostel world. Well that just prepare me for what was coming that day.

I was explaining to a guy what I was up too and next thing he started about talking about the negative. Such as people being dishonest and Rwanda dealing in arms. Governments being corrupt. He wasn’t having ago at me as it was his point of view. I must admit when I first started out the same thing went through my mind, so I gave him the same answer that I gave myself.

Mate the whole world is like that and it won’t change, but what do I do? Do I stick my head in the sand and forget about it? As they say, evil progress if good people do nothing!! And mate, I have meet a lotof good people and the world is full of them!

He stop thought about and said he would come back. I’m not sure if he did as I move on.


Day 6 06/03/14


I was so glad the wind had died down over night as it was a bit of a rough night in the tent.

I still had a bit of a head wind but nothing to worry about and I knew the weather was getting better and that was the main thing.

After saying good bye to to Doug and Wendy I set off.

I my first stop was at ward which was 13ks away. I got a bit to eat and the people were happy to put up the flyer and have some on the counter.

Well the weather was great and the sky was clearing what a change from yesterday.

I stop off at the store and drop off more flyers but most of all just had a bit of time of the bike to take in the scenery

The sky was clearing and it was just a great day to be on the bike but the most exciting thing was I had a tail wind so this was helping me to make good time.

I stop of to take a photo of a church as it look very cool. There were road workers sitting front of the church so we started talking. Of course they were interested in the ShelterBox I was towing so I told them the story and my goals. Next thing they were all giving me a donation. I couldn’t believe it as that was the last thing on my mind. They are great bunch people and it was great fun talking to them. Thanks guys.


On the way I stop off at a waterfall heading to Kaikoura. Sorry I don’t the name. It where the young seal pups play. Unfortunately there were none.


While cycling along the coast there was really bad smell. I know I smell at the moment but not that bad or was it me. Looking around and then I saw the reason why. Seals


I made it to Kaikoura and stop of at R&R sport and while I was in there Dwain offer me the caravan out the back. I have just been blowen away with the kindness and generosity of people.




Day 5 05/03/14


I said good bye to Murray and Julie for having me for the last to nights. The weather wasn;t the best so I didn’t want to rush.

As I headed into town I came across the Sun Newspaper which is the local paper for Blenheim. I manage to get a reporter who was Adam to do article.

Then I needed to bank the money which was no problem. The weather still wasn’t that great. I thought I would hold off as the front is meant to die. I knew there would still be wind. I only had 42 k to ride. So I went and had coffee at Ritual again and Matt said it was OK to put flyers on the board.

Since I had a great response out of Radio NZ, and the local radio station in Nelson never got back to me. Lets go and bang on the door of the radio station here and see if I get some air time.

The girl at the front desk was great. She went and asked and she said I should have come yesterday when you were outside and we could of come down and told the people to come and donate. I said it not all about donations. It about awareness and handed her a flyer. I told her my three goals (see yesterday). Straight away she said, she would like and get the radio station to like it. Awesome then she mention that they love supporting non profits and they would put the message out there. Thanks guys

It was time to head off and it was windy which is my biggest concern on the trip, due to the wind hitting the box.

It was slow going so it wasn’t too bad until going downhill. The problem here is you aren’t peddling as this helps to give stability in the wind. The wind was coming from my right side so I am slightly learning into it to balance. I wasn’t going to fast because I knew it would have been a dumb thing to do. Then a truck pass me which I had no idea it was coming as I couldn’t hear it because of the wind.

The problem was the truck stop the wind from hitting me (remember I’m leaning into the wind slighty) and the suck from the truck unsettle the bike and I started to get the wobbles. Lucky I was going slow as it wasn’t too bad.

I arrive in Seddon and I stop off for a pie as it was nice and warm and the inside of the shop was good to get out of the wind.

I was wondering if I should carry on or not as the weather should be ok tomorrow. I decided to carry on as my gut feeling wasn’t to stay in Seddon. I had no idea why.

Fisit thing though is I wanted to go and have a look around because Seddon was hit by a earthquake.

As I rode around and look at the damage it was quiet strange as I had ShelterBox towing behind. (There is another reason for this as well which I will share with you later)


It was time to get going again and I was making ok time due to the wind. I needed to stop and take toilet break and I was standing right by a sign pointing to the road off to the side. Then I remember this is Doug rd. Will had sent me a email with his phone number and address. I try to have a look in my phone but no service. I didn’t have a lot of time spare but I thought I would try and find him as I was quiet keen to talk to him about his speaking as I had done 4 speaking engagements in the last week what he could give me.

I bike into a house and asked if they knew a Doug they said yes he 300meters up the road. So I jump on my bike and head to his place thinking what the hell am I going to say to this guy,

Knock on the door and Doug came to the door. When open the door I was hit by the smell of paint fumes. I asked him if his name was Doug and then I told him my name and struck out my hand, I told him I had meet Will and he told me to come and see you as I am riding around the south island towing a Shelterbox and I am doing public speaking and I would like your advice as I am new to it. Well I found out he is New Zealand farmer of the year and is into stainable farming. We had a great chat about this.

It was getting on (talk to long) and Doug said I would invite you stay but our house has just been painted as it was damage in the earthquake but you are most welcome to camp on the lawn. In the end I did. Wendy his wife invited me in for dinner. So Icamp on his front lawn

The interesting they said to me was. When the earthquake hit Doug said he didn’t know what was going on and he thought he was having a stoke. Until he saw the sheep rolling on the ground. He said in an earthquake the land rolls like wave but in an epicentre the best way to describe that is when you throw a stone into a pond. The water jumps up and then the water rolls out. Their house jump up and blew out the windows and a lot of damage was done. They said the support and the others form people as far as away Aussie to come and used their homes was huge and Wendy still doesn’t know how they got their phone number. They stay on to start the clean up. The house was windy but the worst thing was no water.

When Doug and I were talking Wendy read the cycle for those in need flyer she said I will support this.

Thank you Doug and Wendy for your time and letting me camp and also for great dinner.




Day 4 04/03/14


Day 4

It was a rest day in Blenhiem which was great as I spent the morning catching up on emails. It was good thing as it rain in the morning and heading south now wouldn’t of been a good idea

Then it was time to go into town and start raising awareness and collect donations.



As I was going into town I was wondering where I was going to set up. Since I don’t know Blenheim I was finding it hard to get around with the one way streets. In the end I found a spot and set up.

I was still finding it hard to talk to the people. So I thought about. Alan who mentors me in sale said yu only got a few second to catch their attention. Also I thought what are my goals on this trip besides asking for a donation.

Then it dawn on me, my goals are

1000 likes on face book.

The $1 dollar magic

$4100 in donation

So this what I say and you got to say it in a positive manner which makes me feel good as well

Hi there

I’m riding to Stewart Island.

My goals are

A 1000 likes on Facebook. People smile when I say that or why only a 1000 it a start.

The $1 dollar magic (at the same time I point to the stand) which started from this woman breaking stone for a dollar a day and I explain when we get one million people giving a dollar a month that 12 million a year. Which will buy 2666 ShelterBoxes (pointing to the box or 3000 water wells or 3000 farming projects.

The third goal is to raise $4100 in donations which will buy one water well, one farming project and one ShelterBox.

The Shortbread Trust is register charity and 100 % of your donation goes to the projects.

The other thing is you don’t have to do any of them as I know people ate already supporting their own charities like me.

This has work out well. For 3 hrs I raise $212 thanks Blenheim.

I don’t asked school kids for donations but I do say to them like me on facebook and it has been a great as they really get into it and are interested.

I meet Will . He told me I should go and meet Doug who is an inspiration speaker. I didn’t think to much of it.

I was packing up when Lorrianetook me to a coffee shop and mention to Matt at Ritual what I was doing and he said he would gave me a free one instead of Lorraine. So Lorraine insisted I had a biscuit.

Lorraine and I had a great chat and it was fun meeting her.


Day 3 03/03/14


Today and tomorrow is easy days because I want to give the body time to recover and it not about speed it about awareness.

Nicky and I had a great chat in the morning just about life in general over a couple cups of coffee. Then I head off to Picton Township to raise some awareness and donations. This was really my first time and I found it really hard when people give you look of a low life but then you get people that are very supportive. I had to focus on the supportive people or I wouldn’t last the trip.

The key is just being positive and the people that make a smart remark or negative comment you just say, have a great day with a smile. I have a few quotes that help me by. Sorry folks you will get them now and again. This one is, how do you avoid criticism? Say nothing, do nothing and be nothing, So I see criticism as I’m out there living life.

I headed to Blenheim which wasn’t too far away. Which I was pleased about as it was cold and look like it could rain. I just missed it.


I was offer a place to stay by Julie and Murray Brown. Also Murray is president of the Blenheim Rotary club. He asked me to give a ten minute speech at the club. So I had about half hour to get a power point together it is lucky that I have a few didn’t ones on my lap top so I manage to get it together and it went very well, I meet some great people there.



Trip time 1hrs 32mins

Trip Distance 32 ks

Day 2 02/03/14

I left Pelorus and started to head to Havelock. It didn’t take long to arrive. This was my first time setting up the stand so I was pretty interested in seeing how it went. Once it was all set up, I started to work on emails to catch. I was interested to see how the stand would go. It was very quiet so it wasn’t a good test.

After my battery went flat I started my way to Picton via the queen charlotte road. What a great ride the sun was out and the colours with the green and browns were great and the boat on the flat water just look wonderful.

Along the way I was starting to feel the warning sign for a lack of food. Thinking what should I eat? Then I remember a friend had sent me home cooking. I stop straight away and hook straight into it. You know how homemade cooking taste. Have you ever been in the outdoors and you are hungry? If so you know how I felt when I starting eating it. It was fantastic.

The I arrive in Picton and I made my way to the Jugglers Rest Backpacker. I was greeted by Bruce. He was friendly and a happy person. He told me help myself to the grapes. Well what a delight after a hot day. The taste of the sweetness was so refreshing and enjoyable. Bruce even upgraded me from the tent site to a room. Nicky (the owner) who was away came back in the morning as she was in Wellington and she said you can the room for free because i like what you are doing.

Trip time 3hrs 15mins

Trip Distance 57.5Ks

Day 1 01/03/14

Everything has come together. So I headed down to the Saturday Market to say good bye to friends.

I did a 3 day trail trip and I had a lot of spare space in the box, I thought great I can take my pillow with on the trip. The key to a great night sleep! Well, I pack up the box and I had no space for the pillow. Bummer for two reason no pillow of course and more weigh in the box which is not what you want when cycle touring as you dragging it along and up hills. I must find out how much it the boxes weight.

1010 I was at R&R sport really to set off. I was amaze how many people turn up,

There was a older couple (one of them was using a walker frame to walk) that was making their way though. I asked some friends to make room for them and she said we have gone to see you. That moment of time I was so blown away!! The reason why is, they had made the effort to come and see me and they gave me a very nice soap. What she said to me and how she said it , just about brought a tear to a glass eye.

1030 and it was time to hit the road. I managed to get away all right and not full off in front of everyone. I had three riders that join me on the way out. Lisa, Bruce and Noel. Thank you everyone that turn up.

Bottom photo is on my way to have lock.


When Noel left and I was on my own. I took a breath and relax as it been full on to get to this point. Then I asked myself have I bitten off more than I can chew. Straight away I thought of a constant dripping wear away a stone so just one day at a time, I had no doubts at all and I was excited about what lays a head and the great people I will meet along the way, and the problems that turn up. I’ll deal with them.

I was just coming into Rai (about 10ks out) and I heard a loud speaker. I thought it must have been in a cow shed.

It was the Rai A&P show. At the gate I asked who should I speak too so I could go in and fund raise, they said to go and asked at the office, then the next thing I was riding in front of the parade in front of the stream engine. I couldn’t believe I was doing this and I was worry that I would fall off in front of the crowd. As we went around I herad the loud speaker tell the crowd about the shortbread trust then go into the history of these great machines. A strange sense of honour came over me as here I was riding in front of all this history.

Since The Shortbread Trust was put over the loud speaker I just set up camp and the people that wanted to make a donation just did so there was no need to ask.

After that I made my way to Pelorus to meet up with Tom who is a friend of mind. Tom kindly brought the display stand over as it wasn’t really to this morning and I didn’t have time to pick it up. So he came over with his son Louie and a friend of Louie Adam.

When I arrive Louie and Adam went around the donation bucket and raise $20 dollars less than 10mins. Dam kids do so well. Shame they couldn’t come with me.


Trip time 3hrs 50mins


Trip Distance 61ks


I want to say thank you to everyone who has help, supported and sponsor.

The board of Trustees Brigid Robin and Paul

Also a big thanks to the sponsor’s for believing in The Shortbread Trust.

R&R sport

Speedy Print

Harrington Eyecare


3B Sandfly repentant


Sign art design


What gave me the idea to do this trip?


I had a guy turn up to the hostel on a bike dress as a monkey. Straight away I asked him what he was up to. I’m riding the South Island to raise awareness and funds to save the monkey over in Madagascar for a month

I asked him how he got on? Great I raise over $10000.

Wow good on you mate, as it takes me ages to raise money by selling shortbread at 50 cents apiece. It is getting better now though.

I told my friend Mark and mention why do people pay money to someone when they don’t have something to show for it like a trust. Then it dorm on me, Since The Shortbread Trust is a register with New Zealand Commissions and all the hard work is done why don’t I do something like that. I had no idea about the $1 Magic back them,

I just want to thank everyone that has support me and the sponsors and you.


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