Hi Folks,

To follow Jimmy around the South Island for "Cycling for those in need," please click on Cycle for those in need below.


I will update the blog as quick as I can. Just bare with me as i'm on the road or out there creating awareness and collecting donation. Or giving a talk to a Rotary group and the other thing that makes it hard is, i need Wifi and that can be hard to get sometimes

Please excuse typos and grammatical errors - I'm dyslexic!

Cycling For those in need

Everything has come together. So I headed down to the Saturday Market to say good bye to friends. I did a 3 day trail trip and I had a lot of spare space in the box, I thought great I can take my pillow with on the trip. The key to a great night sleep! Well, I pack up the box and I had no space for the pillow. Bummer for two reason no pillow of course and more weigh in the box which is not what you want when cycle touring as you dragging it along and up hills. I must find out how much it the boxes weight.

The $1 Magic

Finding one person to give you a million would be hard. Imagine if you had a million people giving you $1 a month. Now imagine what you could do with all that money to help others.

The Threeseater Adventure

We started riding on the 3rd December from Taupo to Wellington. We set off from Taupo Information Centre heading along the water front along lake Taupo. The scenery was just great and was good to be on the bike and to start adventure. It was a weird sensation being on the back but after a few minutes I settle down and started to enjoy the view. Today we had Shirley on the bike who won the option from trade me...