• A helping hand to those in need...
    The Shortbread Trust A helping hand to those in need...
  • reach the charity projects
    100% of all donations reach the charity projects
  • So more money for charity projects
    No administration fees So more money for charity projects
  • Raised $9000 for those in need
    Cycling the South Island Raised $9000 for those in need
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Based in sunny Nelson at the top of the South Island of New Zealand, The Shortbread Trust is a registered charity with the New Zealand Charity Commissions that works to provide clean drinking water, seed and tools for farming and emergency shelter to people missing the basic essentials of life in Third World countries. As a non-profit organisation, we have NO administration costs so 100% of all donations go to the charity projects to relieve poverty and hardship. We achieve this by whatever small cost we do have is paid by the shortbread sales.

We raise funds primarily through the sale of shortbread biscuits anddonations such as the $1 Magic. Click the link and see how we and you can change the world into a better world place for $1

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This year's goal

A years goal is the same as a financial year which is 01/04/19 to 31/03/20

Last update 03/01/2020

See our accounts. This mirrors our bank account and how we raise the money and spend the money.